Welcome to Simple Bike Log!

There are a plethora of online sites that allow you to log and track your bike rides. Some of them integrate with mobile applications for the iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, and others. However, people sometimes trade mobile devices and lose the ability to automatically upload. Others don't want the complexity or ads involved with some of the ride logging sites. This is why the Simple Bike Log was born. Ride your ride, log your statistics, and see the results. Easy. Simple.

When you create a new rider account, Simple Bike Log will place a small cookie on your computer. This is a text file used by the website to make navigating the site easier; it remembers who you are during subsequent visits and eliminates the need to log in each time. Cookies are common with websites and are generally quite safe. Your browser must be enabled to accept cookies and must be enabled to use javascript before you can proceed with creating a rider account. Each type of internet browser (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera...) has a different method for enabling or disabling cookies. Please check your help file if you're not sure.

Getting Started

The first step it to create a rider account. Unregistered users are automatically routed to the Manage Profile/Login page. On that page, click on the Create New Rider link (bottom center). A small form will appear below. All of the fields on this form are required. Bike logs are tracked by email address.

  • Enter your preferred email address. If you enter an address that someone else has already used, a message will display advising you of such and requesting a different address.
  • Enter your first and last name. For example: John Smith.
  • Enter your preferred password and then enter it a second time for confirmation. If they do not match, a message will be displayed.
  • The Simple Bike Log automatically calculates calories burned when a ride is entered in the log. To perform the calculations, your weight and the road weight of your bike will be needed. The road weight is the weight of your bike with all of the water bottles, spare tubes, etc, that you would normally carry... as if it was ready to ride down the road.

Once all of the information has been entered, click the Add New Rider link. It takes a few moments to create the new account. When the operation has been completed, you will be routed to the Log page where you can immediately begin logging your rides!

Example of the Add New Rider window:

Rider's Email Address
Rider's Full Name
Confirm Password
Rider's Weight
Bike Weight  Fully loaded but without rider
Add New Rider   Cancel

Once you're logged in, you will stay logged in for one year or until you delete all of your internet browser cookies, whichever comes first. This means when you point your browser to Simple Bike Log, you will automatically be taken directly to your Log page.

Logging Rides

To log a new ride, click on the Add New Ride link on the Log page. A small window will popup over the Log screen. All of the fields except MapLink and Comments are required. Let's walk through entering a new ride...

  • Enter a Route Name or title for the ride.
  • Click on the date field and a small calendar will popup. Select the date of the ride and the calendar will close. Tip: If you are entering the ride on the day you completed it, clicking on Today at the bottom of the calendar will automatically enter the current date in the date field and close the calendar.
  • Enter the duration or Elapsed Time of your ride. The only tricky part is the duration of the ride. For right now, it must be entered as (hours):(minutes:(seconds) and each element must be two digits. If you only ride 53 minutes and ten seconds, it needs to be entered as 00:53:10. One of these days that will be updated to handle the zero hours.
  • Enter the Distance as whole miles (For example: 12) or as a decimal point number (For example: 11.8). Max Speed and Avg Speed can also be whole numbers or a decimal point number.
  • If you pre-planned your route using an online mapping system such as Google Maps or if you used some sort of route tracking software that used GPS to plot your route on a map as you rode, you may include a link to the map in the Map Link field. After the ride is added to your log, you will be able to click on Map Link in the log to review the map. Map Link is an optional field.
  • Notes, significant events, the names of riding partners, or pretty much any comment about the ride can be stored in the optional Comments field. There is a limit of 500 characters for comments.

When you have filled out the Add New Ride form, click the Insert link in the bottom left corner of the popup window. The ride will be added to the log. During the process, Simple Bike Log will automatically calculate the calories you burned during that ride.

Example of the Add New Ride window:

Route Name (200 chars. max)
Ride Date
Elapsed Time (hh:mm:ss)  
Max Speed
Avg Speed
Map Link
Comments (500 chars. max)
Insert Cancel

The Bike Log

Rides are displayed in the log in date order with the newest rides on top. On the right, Comments are truncated in order to keep each entry on one line. To see the entire contents of the comment, hover the mouse over the comment. The entire comment will be displayed as a popup tooltip. If Map Link is underlined, it means it is hyperlinked to the address of the map of your ride. Click the link and the map will open in a separate window. On the left hand side of each ride is a link to Edit Ride and next to that is a red X. Click the red X to delete any ride. A warning message will popup to let you know that this action cannot be undone and it will ask for confirmation before proceeding.

Example of a Simple Bike Log window:

  Route Name Ride Date Elapsed Time Distance Max Speed Avg Speed Map Link Calories Comments
Edit Ride X Team Ride - Dundee Ridge 4/11/2010 01:32:05 23.00 32.9 13.6 Map Link 1111 First time riding wi...
Edit Ride X Team Ride - TECO and Van Fleet Trail 4/10/2010 02:20:13 46.10 24.0 14.9 Map Link 1691 Rode down to Denton,...

Editing a ride

All of the fields in the Simple Bike Log can be updated, including the calories. Click on the Edit Ride link to the left of the ride you wish to edit. The details of the ride will be displayed in a new window. The same guidelines as when entering a new ride also apply in the edit window. Duration or elapsed time must be in the same format as displayed, etc. When finished editing, click the Update link in the lower left corner. The changes will be saved and the Log will be redisplayed. Click Cancel to abandon any changes and return to the Log.

Example of the Edit Ride window:

Route Name (200 chars. max)
Ride Date
Elapsed Time (hh:mm:ss)  
Max Speed
Avg Speed
Map Link
Comments (500 chars. max)
Insert Cancel


The Report page is designed to provide a lot of pertinent information in a single view. It is broken down into four sections: 1) A list of the current month's rides, including totals. 2) A list of the previous months rides, including totals. 3) The total number of rides and total miles for each month during the current year. To keep the report concise, only months in which you recorded a ride will be shown in this section. If you didn't record any rides in the month of March, it will not appear on this list. 4) The total miles ridden in the current year and the previous two years, for comparison purposes.

Example of current month's ride list:

April Ride List 
Route Name Ride Date Elapsed Time Distance Max Speed Avg Speed Calories
Team Ride - TECO and Van Fleet Trail 4/10/2010 02:20:13 46.10 24.0 14.9 1691
Team Ride - Dundee Ridge 4/11/2010 01:32:05 23.00 32.9 13.6 1111
Neighborhood Test 4/15/2010 00:05:50 1.07 13.9 11.0 70
Training Ride with the Team 4/17/2010 03:43:30 62.10 21.9 16.7 2496
Lake Ariana, TECO Trail, 559a, Old Berkley Road 4/20/2010 01:03:32 17.90 30.6 16.9 922
Polk City, Old Lake Alfred Rd, Lake Mattie Rd 4/21/2010 01:04:20 17.40 36.5 16.2 851
Early morning sprint to Green Pond Station and back 4/24/2010 01:43:05 31.00 30.6 18.0 1640
Dundee Ridge with team 4/25/2010 01:30:38 24.80 33.6 16.4 1198
559, 557, Old Lake Alfred Rd, Lake Mattie Rd 4/27/2010 00:53:08 14.30 36.1 16.2 689
Rides: 9 Totals: 13:56:21 237.67 28.9 15.5 10668

Managing Rider Info

You can easily change your login password, your weight, or the road weight of your bike. From the Log page, click on the Manage Profile link. The Manage Profile/Login page will appear. Across the bottom are three links: Change Password, Create New Rider, and Update Weights. Clicking on any one of them will cause a specialized dialog box to expand just below the links. If you clicked on a link unintentionally, simply click it again to make the specialized dialog box disappear.

We've already discussed the Add New Rider dialog box so let's talk about changing your password. Changing your password is easy. Make sure your email address is in the top field. Type your password in the Password field. Click the Change Password link and the New Password dialog box appears. Enter your new password, then enter it again for confirmation, and then click the Change Password link at the bottom of the dialog box. The screen will refresh and a confirmation message will be displayed toward the top advising that the change was successful. We recommend passwords at least eight characters in length with at least one capital letter and at least one number.

Example of the Change Password dialog box:

Enter New Password
New Password:
Confirm Password:
Change Password

As you ride, you may begin to lose weight or you may change to a new bike. If so, you should update the weights on your rider account. These are used to calculate the calories burned during a ride. Please note: The calories calculated for each ride are an approximation. They do not take into account hills, road surface, or wind, all of which can affect the actual calories burned.

Example of Update Weights dialog box:

Rider's Weight *
Bike Weight * Fully loaded but without rider
Update Weights   Cancel

Happy Cycling!